ADE Releases 2022 Aftermovie ‘What’s Your Vibe?’

December 20, 2022
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Following a record-breaking year, electronic mammoth Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) released its official 2022 aftermovie, What’s Your Vibe?.

Directed by Anna Bogomolova, What’s Your Vibe? takes us on a poetic and beat-fueled journey that wraps up the 2022 shenanigans. The movie visuals showcase vibe-y moments from the five-day electronic celebration, which brought together hundreds of parties, panel talks, and conferences on Amsterdam’s grounds. 

Through the visual expose, ADE’s What’s Your Vibe? explores the music philosophies behind our human need to resonate, seek, and immerse into the music beats. 

As the film description puts it, people are similar with sounds because we “harmonize with each other as we move through the world, spreading emotions and ideas.” 

“Am I in control of my vibe? Music gives us the tools to answer this question, to articulate our vibe. What do we choose to amplify, distort, or to harmonize? What kind of ideas do we try to synthesize or to sample? These decisions shape the vibe.”

This year, the festival giant registered a new attendance record after more than 450,000 visitors descended on Amsterdam for the five-day event.

ADE’s 27th anniversary brought roaring artist names like Martin Garrix and Afrojack while educating the new generation of music fans through in-depth panels and insightful workshops. 


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