Bacardi Cocktail Trends For 2023

December 16, 2022
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When it comes to boozy New Years’ resolutions, we’re headed toward transformational tastes and sophisticated sips. At least that’s what Bacardi’s Cocktail Trends Report for 2023 says. 

Through consumer surveys and bartender insights, the alcohol giant and trend forecaster The Future Lab (TFL) established five macrotrends for next year. While mojitos, daiquiris, and vodka sodas will be the three most sought-after boozy drinks, our consumer behavior will be led by spicy tastes, premium ingredients, and eco-consciousness. 

© Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2023

The annual look-ahead on cocktails predicts that booze fans will be open to experimental flavor combinations and new ingredients. We will ditch wine, beer, and other simple liquors in favor of boozy concoctions, as 38% of US respondents said they plan to drink more cocktails than wine. 

And those alcoholic drinks might not be in bars and nightclubs, as there is a growing popularity in non-traditional venues. While 65% of respondents said restaurants are their go-to drinking places, 64% believe nothing beats an at-home drinking session.

© Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2023

2023’s cocktail trends are all about experimentation, as reiterations of tequila and vodka-based cocktails are shifting towards spicy ingredients, such as chili and tabasco. Research shows that 75% of US cocktail drinkers now enjoy spicy flavors and one-in-three UK consumers introduced chili into their diets in the last 24 months. 

Next year is set to be the year of customization demand when it comes to services. We will rely on digital platforms to both order and learn how to make cocktails, as 35% of American respondents order cocktails-to-go from a bar and 33% use third-party delivery services. 

Environmental awareness is not only transforming music festivals, but also how the drinks industry operates. The focus on zero-waste is peaking, with 44% of bartenders looking to be more eco-friendly by reducing waste and searching for sustainable ingredients.

  • We are still on the NoLo (non-alcoholic) bandwagon, as 49% people are curious about cocktails with non-alcoholic spirits. 
  • In India, almost nine out of 10 (89%) respondents said they are willing to splurge more on alcohol brands that stand for sustainability. 
  • Almost half of cocktail fans said that high-quality spirits and liquors are a top priority. 
  • There will be a spike in sugar levels, 35% US and 38% UK consumers are most likely to enjoy fruity cocktails.
  • 81% of respondents note the rise of Instagrammable cocktails being created and listed on menu in 2022.


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