Bold Duo Gets Into Glastonbury For Free Wearing Paramedic Attire

The two men made an appearance in a podcast to talk about how they conned their way into the festival
December 07, 2022
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Two bold music fans waltzed right into mammoth festival Glastonbury without sparing a penny. They didn’t have to be with the band or carry bags of lettuce to refill a food vendor – the duo just needed paramedic costumes.

In a viral TikTok video, the fake paramedics record their journey inside the festival, saying “this is how you get into Glastonbury.” Further footage shows the pair dancing on the festival grounds with drink cups in their hands. 

TikTok users both praised and trolled their Glastonbury adventure, saying “can you get me one of those jackets,” “belter til someone keels over n needs help,” and calling them “the real heroes.” 

According to Somerset Live, the two men made an appearance in a now-deleted I Kidd You Not podcast to talk about how they conned their way into Glastonbury pretending to be paramedics.

The podcast’s host, Joe Kidd, was reportedly forced to take down the interview as HCPC (The Health and Care Professions Council) pointed out that the two may have committed a criminal offense by impersonating a paramedic. 

“As matters stand, the above content on your platforms could mislead others to think they are paramedics, or encourage other members of the public to copy the misconduct of these individuals. This would put them at risk of committing a criminal offence.”

© @alby_lad / TikTok


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