This Festival-Goer Snuck Alcohol at a Festival in a Baguette

Forget about small juice bottles and secret pockets, just scoop out the insides of a baguette
December 12, 2022
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Hardcore festies are pros at smuggling booze to avoid the eye-watering festival prices of doubles. While hiding vodka cranberry in a juice bottle is a staple, festival-goers get the most creative when seeking ways to sneak alcohol inside the events.

In a now-viral Instagram video, a new festival hack unfolds before our eyes – camouflaging a massive alcohol bottle inside a baguette.

The video kicks off with a festival-goer scooping out the insides of a bread loaf to make room for the stash. In order to hide the part where the baguette was visibly cut, the girl covers the alleged sandwich in aluminum foil. 

The baguette’s size might have raised some concerns about what it contains, but to avoid any suspicion, the inventive music fan prepped some real – and considerably smaller – sandwiches. 

Of course, the story has a happy ending – the group of friends successfully sneak alcohol inside the music festival. They received some ‘WTF?’ looks from fellow festival-goers, but who cares about that when you can be frugal with your alcohol spending?

Instagram users flooded the comment section with alternative ways of smuggling booze at a music event. One suggested to “go to the location a couple days before they set up” and “dig and hide some liquor.”

Others doubted the group’s success, saying that music festivals don’t allow food inside, let alone “a massive chunk of bread.”

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