TicketSwap Introduces FairShare Scheme to Promote Fair Resale 

June 15, 2023
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In a bid to revolutionise ticket resale pricing and combat fraud, e-ticket platform TicketSwap has introduced the FairShare scheme. The feature operates on the principle of equitable profit distribution, sharing profits equally between the ticket reseller and the event organizer. 

FairShare’s implementation will allow organizers to support event production while providing fans with a safe secondary ticketing market. 

On enabling the feature, event organizers offer fans a chance to show their support for favorite artists and events more tangibly, contributing to a fairer ticket market.

One of FairShare’s advantages is its anti-fraud mechanism. Once the feature is active, the barcode associated with a purchased ticket appears only few hours before the event kicks off. 

The unique mechanism keeps the ticket safe until the event begins and disrupts unauthorized ticket traders, ultimately reducing fraudulent or overpriced tickets on unsecured platforms.

This leaves more available tickets for real fans who want to score fairly-priced tickets while also supporting their favorite artist or event.

Several event organizers, including Rotterdam Rave, Chasing the Hihat, and This is Live Group already use TicketSwap’s FairShare feature.

Since its launch in 2012, the Amsterdam-based TicketSwap has attracted nine million users from 36 countries. Last year, the ticketing company opened offices in Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Milan, and Sao Paulo.


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