New Multi-Genre Music Temple to Land in Brooklyn

December 16, 2022
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New York, USA

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2K




Live Music, Alternative


New music temple SILO is set to reawaken Brooklynites’ appetite for groovy beats, as the club will open its doors on February 10th, 2023. 

Run by the same team behind New York’s the Secret Loft venue, SILO took over a converted hangar in East Williamsburg, a northwest Brooklyn suburb. Since it found shelter in a vibrant neighborhood, SILO is surrounded by restaurants, bars, and nightclubs like House of Yes

Since the music hub is all about delivering the best multi-genre sounds in the city, the venue displays a cozy-meets-underground allure. With steel structures, slightly elevated platforms. and a hall-like blueprint, SILO Brooklyn has a warehouse vibe but adds a commercial flair to it. 

After spending three years in the making, SILO will open its doors to the public on February 10th, 2023. Although there is no word about the exact line-up, we know that DJs like Mike Servito, KIA, Eli Escobar, and WTCHCRFT have been booked for its first roster.


  • Brooklyn’s SILO will feature a 500-capacity space. 
  • When it comes to music genre diversity the nightclub is loyal to one thing only – representing the vast universe of dance music and cultures. 
  • SILO nightclub will be all about experimenting with sounds, as the venue said there won’t be a guiding genre or standard BPM.
  • The music hub labels itself as a “gender neutral space,” where there are no gender norms or power structures. 
  • A custom Danley sound system and projection ring will be in charge of keeping the crowds hyped up throughout the night.


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