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February 04, 2023
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A firecracker of a festival | © @BassCanyon / Facebook

Washington, USA


XL – 20k-50k



International, Casual

+3 Days

Bass Canyon is a top-drawer festival, replete with constant headbanging, booming bass, and jaw-dropping stage productions.

Established in 2018, Bass Canyon was created by electronic music hero DJ Excision. Since its inception, it has been an August three-day festival.

It is held at The Gorge Amphitheatre in Grant County, central Washington, US.

Led by bass master Excision, Bass Canyon is the ultimate music festival on the US West Coast. The pulsating beats and convenient setting of the amphitheatre, set by a gorgeous backdrop, make this a celebrated festival unmissable.

Here’s everything you need to know about Bass Canyon Festival.

Making the canyon resound with the bass | © Excision / YouTube

Bass Canyon festival is home to foot-tapping sounds

If you are thirsty for the kind of beats that thump your chest, this is where you need to be. Like moths to a flame, fans of the music genre flock to Gorge Amphitheatre to relish in the sounds they love the most.

LSDream performing at Bass Canyon festival | © @BassCanyon / Facebook

Envisioned, created and developed by bass maestro Excision, the festival has been the playground for music gods like DJ Tiesto, Black Tiger Sex Machine, and NGHTMRE.

Bass Canyon festival is Excision’s baby

Canadian music producer and DJ Excision created Bass Canyon Festival as a natural extension of his passion for the bumpy music genre. Born in 2018, the bass celebration came after the success of Ohio’s Lost Lands, another music festival put together by Excision.

Excision’s gift for Bass-heads | © @excision / YouTube

In association with Gorge Amphitheatre and Live Nation, Excision brought the best of bass to Washington’s grounds.

Bass Canyon festival is all about the sound and stage

Being a bass music fest, it is obvious that the beats need to be clean and sharp.

Excision partnered with PK Sound to wreak sonic havoc upon the site with its 500,000 watts sound systems. It was a no-brainer for the DJ since he had the company’s number on speed dial since the start of his music career.

© @BassCanyon / Facebook

The other mega attraction at Bass Canyon is the stage production, as well as the visuals. Known for building the most jaw-dropping stage sets and visuals, The Paradox elevates the Bass Canyon Festival’s status to a groovy-meets-trippy experience.

Bass Canyon is set against a ravishing backdrop

At Bass Canyon Festival, the stage isn’t the only eye candy feature – the natural background and location setting are attention grabbers as well. Set by the Columbia River Gorge, the site offers the kind of sunsets that make your jaw drop.

© @BassCanyon / Facebook

One cannot be surprised by how the festival bagged top honours at Pollstar magazine’s award for Best Outdoor Music Venue nine years in a row.

Bass Canyon Festival has hassle-free lineups

Concerts at Bass Canyon Festival have been smoothly organised thanks to the festival’s simple blueprint. With only one stage, the music celebration creates a clear performance schedule, eliminating possible disasters, such as artist clashes.

© @basscanyon / Instagram

This also means that attendees’ attention is focused on one place only. Forget about trekking five football pitches to see your beloved music hero, because Bass Canyon is a pro at organising things.

Brace yourself for off-beat activities

© @BassCanyon / Facebook

When you want a break from the music, you’ll still have plenty to do at Bass Canyon Festival. The festival organises yoga sessions, guided meditation, flow art sessions, and field games.

There is also a silent disco party that starts every night, after the concerts end at midnight – and continues till sunrise.

Head early to catch the pre-party shindig

The music dose doubles at Bass Canyon, with the party starting before the festival officially kicks off. Pre-party gigs begin a day before the main event, and according to insider info, that’s not something to miss either.

But prepare ahead if you want to arrive on time. Long queues of cars and security checks can hold up the entry.

© @BassCanyon / Facebook

In the last edition, there were over 15 artists who played special B2B sets at the pre-party. Lasting five hours, the show starred the likes of Sullivan King, Space Laces, and Dion Timmer.

Bass Canyon is the place to slay festive fashion

Are you looking for the perfect occasion to don your favourite festive-wear? Welcome to Bass Canyon, baby. Despite all the headbanging, you aren’t part of the bass madness if you aren’t dressed the part.

© @BassCanyon / Facebook

Fishnets, tassels, stickers, glitter – this is where you can go the whole hog and get your festive fashion on fleek.

In the really short span of time since it began in 2018, Bass Canyon has established itself among the league of bass festivals in America. Commanded by Excision, the festival is a celebration of resounding beats, gratifying all headbangers.


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